Beauty 2.3 Boredom their is no permanent cure for it. Time to time it’s remedies changes. Its a untouched aspect of life even when you bored just just be a stable …Haha not physically.. I mean to say mentally. Just look deep into your boredom why I’m bored? You will start discovering some unknown of […]

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Beauty 2.2 Internet is a only thing that make me smart and little confusing; precisely not a knowledge point of view its rather a few years ago I can confidently bet anyone that I can survive for rest of the life without internet. And guess what today I can’t.. Its fun and awkward too. The […]

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Beauty 2.1 A ego is kind of negative world since I’m consciously understanding the world. Simultaneously it’s seems a bad perception about someone that he is egoistic. Here comes a world with a whole part of its illusion. Why everyone should be treated similarly I just don’t understand; if one of them is monk and […]

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Beauty 2.0 All our life is full of mysterious occasions.. Sometimes we don’t feel like but something unpredictable and a questionable past is always there. The more you get dig into it you will find most of painfull feelings filled like treasury. But now is a choice to let go of the past and just […]

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